Making the Case for Hillary Clinton

Last night, the citizens of the United States were treated to the first of three televised presidential debates. I watched the coverage via CNN (on my Sling TV via Amazon Fire TV) and watched as my Twitter feed lit up with comments and evaluations of the candidates.

Most folks who follow politics are pretty quick to say that Hillary won the debate, although people like Chuck Todd want to say she was “over prepared”.

There could not be a more ridiculous comment than that, but then there’s what Brit Hume said about Hillary.


So there’s a lot to take away from the debates, but that’s not what this post is about. Speaking personally, I want to make the case to you why you should vote for Hillary Clinton in November.


First, let’s get some facts straight. There are two major party candidates running in this election, and then there’s a third party candidate running who has almost zero chance of winning. I say “almost” because clearly anything is possible, but the likelihood of Gary Johnson making the kind of waves he would need to make in order to actually be a viable candidate in November are slim to none. Besides, in recent days, Johnson has taken to the air to discuss colonizing space as a way to help our country, and famously had no response when asked how, as President, he would handle Aleppo and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Considering the fact that he has raised only just over $7 million dollars in campaign donations (compared to over $500 million raised by Clinton and the “self-funded” Donald Trump raising around $168 million), Johnson has really no chance at winning. Many pundits have even suggested that voting for Gary Johnson is a waste of a vote. That’s not what I’m here to debate either.

For the purposes of this talk, let’s assume that there are really only two people that can conceivably win the Presidency come November 8th. Those two people are Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. Now, let’s talk about who should be President out of those two people.

But wait, Matt, that’s my point, you say. Neither one of them should be President.

Yeah, I know. Picking between these two makes you and a lot of other people frustrated at our political process. Many have shouted from the rooftops about it. How is it possible that these are the two best candidates for the job?! How can this be what America is reduced to, a lifetime politician who has made her share of mistakes, and perhaps even broken the law, and a self-described “successful businessman” who has filed for bankruptcy more than 4 times, been sued over 3500 times, and refuses to let us see his taxes until his “audit” is complete, something financial experts around the world say he doesn’t have to do.

But, Matt! But, Matt! Hillary Clinton had a private email server on which she illegally sent classified information and that’s breaking the law! Lock her up!

Okay, sure. You can believe that. But FBI Director James Comey (a noted Republican), when hauled in front of a Republican-led House of Representatives committee to testify on these emails, said he did not believe there was sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation into Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Many news outlets have reported and continue to report that she did break the law but at the end of the day, you can only evaluate this situation on what is, not what should be. And the director of the FBI has stated that there isn’t sufficient cause for an indictment or warrant for arrest.

So, again, for the purposes of this discussion, let’s just say that Hillary won’t be charged with a crime.

So you’ve got two candidates. One of them WILL be President of the United States.

You have to pick one, and here’s why.

You may not like to hear this, but if you don’t think Hillary Clinton should be President, then you really have to believe even more that Donald Trump CAN’T be President.


Donald Trump cannot be President. He has repeatedly refused to give details on his positions and plans, and he is in no way ready to lead anything, much less this country. He’s built his companies on the backs of individuals who have consistently sued him for various civil offenses. He has shown an utter lack of civility and then whined when shown even the smallest amount of it back to him. He lies like it’s a regular habit. He even lied last night at the debate when, about an hour after he said not paying taxes made him “smart”, he denied ever saying it.

He wasn’t prepared for last night’s debate at all, and he came across as smug and immature compared to how Hillary was calm and level-headed and approached issues with real plans, not pie-in-the-sky “I’m so great and I have the best words” rhetoric.

As John Oliver states on his show this week, if you are alarmed by Hillary Clinton’s scandals, then fine, but you should be even more outraged at Donald Trump’s.

I don’t have the time nor the inclination to get into the ramification of a Trump presidency, but sufficed to say, if he won, he would set not only the country back but the GOP back many years, and we can’t be sure that he wouldn’t do something drastic to our reputation in the world community.

Some small research would also turn up many articles pointing out why voting for Hillary is clearly the only choice we have. You may not be persuaded by any of those, and that’s fine. But at the end of the day, we simply cannot have Donald Trump be President. And while you are entitled to use Hillary Clinton’s scandals as a reason not to vote for her, I urge you to reconsider, because while it may not be the best, she’s the best we’ve got.