Thanks for stopping by! You’ve reached Mattplanet.net, the online home of me, Matt McLean. I’m a 43 year old work-from-home professional, but more importantly I’m a husband, father, Christ-follower, and all around man’s man. This blog is not just my professional home online, it’s my personal one too. So…things that you might see here…posts about:

  • MMO/Single Player RPG gaming experiences
  • Movie reviews
  • Music reviews
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Travel stuff
  • Techie stuff
  • Randomness that cannot even begin to be explained now.
  • Work stuff like working from home or the clients I’m coming in contact with

So bookmark me. Do people actually do that now? RSS me. Whatever it is you do. You’ll be glad you did.

As always,
Matt McLean

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