A Little Bit of “Ok” in a “Not Ok” World

(Author’s note: The following are my journal entries during my mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico in June 2015. They are in chronological order although I’m not entirely sure on the exact days/times. Also, last names have been removed due to privacy issues…)

First entry

Wow God!

What a day today has been! I am amazed at how full my heart is already from the traveling day we had today.

I wish I could be with my family tonight. I hope they are okay. I hope Everett calmed down and got some rest.

Reading this verse on this page (of my journal) brings me peace. (Author’s note: The verse is “Being with You will fill me with joy.” Psalm 16:11) I love how confident and hopeful it is.

Ezra 8:21: The hand of our God is for good on all who seek him and the power of his wrath is against all who forsake Him.

Let me not forsake you, God, this week!

Second Entry

It’s 5:45 a.m.

Not okay, Rooster. Not. Okay.

Today is Day One of building. Yesterday was spent traveling from Orange to our campsite and it wasn’t without it’s own things.

For one, I had my first In-N-Out burger. For the record, I had a Double-Double Animal Style. It was good but not the best thing I’ve ever had. Scott H. was surprised.

Then Greg S.’s truck broke down at the (US/Mexican) border and me and like 10 other guys pushed it across the border with the Mexican border guard watching (and laughing at us).

All-in-all, I slept good except I had to pee a lot. The snoring didn’t really bother me thanks to the white noise machine.

Let’s do this!

Third entry

(Author’s note: The verse at the top of this page in the journal is Psalm 28:7 which is “The Lord is my strength and shield, I trust him and He helps me.”)

Great verse, God!

Today was concrete day. Maybe the hardest I have physically worked in my life. We have an amazing group, led by Pastor Scott, Kelly, myself, Val S., Michelle B., and a ton of great youth that are on our team.

We killed it today. We got our slab poured for the foundation, and got both roof panels and two walls built. It was an amazing day and I am even more thankful to be here.

The poverty that I am witnessing is so heartbreaking. Kids and more kids make me miss Collin and Everett so much! I hope they are having a good day and night.

Tonight is Peyton S.’s baptism. I am so excited to be here for this thing in her life. She is such an amazing young lady.

Fourth Entry

About six hours of sleep.

That’s about what I’ve gotten the last 3 nights. In truth, that’s probably what I get at home, but for some reason, it seems shorter here.

Rooster was back but he didn’t get me at the crack of dawn, so that helped. I feel like medically induced sleep may be necessary.

Snoring is one of God’s creations I plan on asking God about when I get to Heaven along with gnats and mosquitoes.

Today is wall/roof day. All the hammering.

Fifth entry

Hammer and nails.

But no broken thumbs. So that’s a good thing. Today, we put up the walls, and most of the roof. We strung wire that will be used to put a type of bubble wrap insulation. All in all, a great day. I’m tired again and somewhat anxious about how sleep time is going to go tonight.

Last night, Scott went out (of the tent) and back in and woke me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep right away. The snoring was bad but it’s just two more nights.

I am becoming acutely aware of how ridiculously blessed I truly am. And how for granted I take it practically all the time.

Tomorrow we finish the roof, put the wire and wrap on the house and hopefully do both coats of stucco.

Then we’ll be all but finished.

I am filled with both happiness and sadness at the thought.

There is a kid here who is six years old who reminds me of Collin so much it hurts. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without talking to them. The pain of missing them is so real. I hope and pray that Disneyland was amazing today and they were well behaved for Christy.

I want to rededicate my life to earning her love that she so freely gives me and the boys.

Thank you God for opening my eyes.

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