This thing…it changed everything.

I should’ve known that following Jamie Golden on Twitter would’ve resulted in something awesome happening. I should’ve known that from the get-go.

A few weeks ago, I see her mention something about SocialEcclesia, and the name sounded too cool to pass up looking up what it was all about, so I do. Checking out their website, I’m immediately intrigued and convince my senior pastor, Chris DeGreen (quick newbie Twitter shout-out) to go with me to it.

We head up early Thursday morning and get there about 10 minutes before the thing begins. Just time enough to grab coffee and our seats. What happens next is just really a God thing.


We are bombarded by awesome speakers and great material, super resources and incredible ideas, from the time we get there until the time we leave. There are moments of clarity that I am still wrestling with, and things I hope to remember as our church’s leadership continues to chew on everything together.

It was, quite possibly, the perfect thing to come along at the perfect time. Having the opportunity to hear folks like Justin Wise, Dave Willis, James AndrewsCarrie Kintz and more speak with passion about reaching the lost through social media…it was nothing short of extraordinary.

It was eye-opening. It was a time to re-evaluate everything we are doing as a church to reach people for Christ. Our entire car ride back to Birmingham was filled with ideas and thoughts and motivations.

If you have an opportunity to attend one of their one-day conferences, I would highly recommend it. It was an awe-inspiring day!

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