The Facebook Rant I Won’t Post

There are some times in life when you’ve just had enough. You’ve seen the people on your Facebook feed “like” one too many Paula Deen or Rush Limbaugh status updates, and it’s time to pull the plug with one final rant to end it all.

I do try and stay as non-political on Facebook…well, I do now. I didn’t used to be that way but rarely is anybody’s opinion of anything changed by a Facebook status update, and as my awesome wife is fond of saying, things like that can usually do more harm than good.

But I’m over it…and while I don’t yet have the balls to post this rant directly to Facebook (and therefore be forced to deal with the backlash to the point of probably having to close my account for a while), I decided to at least get my thoughts out here in blog form. Yeah…it’s not quite the same I guess, but here goes.


What the hell is wrong with you people?!? Yes, I get that most of the people this rant is directed at have probably already “hidden” me so they probably won’t see it, but on the off chance that you are one of those who I am talking to (and you’ll know very soon who you are), pay attention…as I repeat myself once more…

What the hell is wrong with you people?!?

I mean it…what happened?  So many people on my Facebook feed here are liking things and posting things that are so divisive that I don’t know how it is we were even at one time friends.  People posting comments to morons like Mike Huckabee’s Facebook page, Glenn Beck’s Facebook page, and the like…people backing Rick Perry and his anti-woman stances in Texas…people actually thinking that gay people are sub-standard for wanting the same federal benefits that so many of us enjoy as heterosexual (or as you would put it, “normal”) couples.


And where in the hell do you get off using God and Jesus and the Bible as your justification for the blatant racist and sexist remarks, for all your class warfare?  Where in the Bible does it say “Marriage is only a religious institution and therefore if anyone tries to enter into any type of union other than what we deem as traditional marriage, it is therefore an abomination and the people involved should be exorcised from society and never given full citizen status”…where does it say that you are able to discriminate against people based on who they love, based on what color their skin is, and what gives you the right to think that someone calling some a “nigger” is anything other than a backwards-thinking redneck who needs to join us in the 21st century…hell, I’d like it if they at least caught up to the end of the 20th century. That would be at least progress.

Huckabee wants to say that “Jesus wept” over the rights of gay people to get married and have their unions recognized by the federal government. Let me tell you something, Mike…Jesus wept over a lot of things, and many of them were probably over things that spewed forth from your mouth.  Jesus loved…he loved all. He mixed it up with the worst in society back then because he knew that’s where people were. He knew the Pharisees had it wrong, and you, sir, are a modern day Pharisee, as are many of your compatriots in the mainstream right-wing media.

At the very least, understand this. Religion and politics were always meant to be separate but equal. But the minute people starting dragging God into the political arena, things got askew.  There’s a reason why our founding father’s made the first amendment to the Constitution the way they did. They knew the state could never work if it was controlled by people let themselves be overly influenced by religious groups. They came from that lifestyle in England and other places where state-run religions were a way of life. They wanted whatever religion you practiced to be between you, your God or gods, and your community. That’s it.

God-centered politics are all about an agenda.  Lots of religious organizations are trying to get their voices heard and they have deep pockets, and so that money equals influence in Washington. But when that influence spreads to less rights for women and minorities and immigrants, it’s too far.

It’s too far.

My God is in my heart, in my home, in my church, in my church family. That’s where he thrives, and I want to take His message of love to the world, but for the love of almighty God…

Keep God out of politics.

One thought on “The Facebook Rant I Won’t Post

  1. A lot of people (Christians?) seem to forget that the Establishment clause that protects them from sharia law here in the States also protects them from each other. It’s far more often that one Christian group tries to or ends up suppressing another than that Christians as a “class” succeed in suppressing non-Christians or atheists.

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