Time for some radical thinking

In the wake of feeling all too touched by the shooting in Connecticut and across the country…allow me to wax philosophical for a moment or two…

I’m starting to think it just might be time to repeal the damn 2nd amendment. No guns. Period. Get them all. And no, I don’t care about how responsible you are with your gun or that it was passed down to you from your grandfather’s father. The entire rest of the first world is collectively shaking their heads at us. We’ve brought this on ourselves. Time to fix the problem. Can we work on becoming a society less focused on violence? Absolutely, and we should. Can we do more helping the mentally ill? Yes…definitely. And we should.

But the first thing is get all the damn guns. All of them. I realize the criminals’ guns are harder to get. We should get them too, whatever it takes. Step up the ATF, give them more money. A full-fledged campaign to rid this country of as many guns as possible. Needed last week but we’ll take it now. Every single gun-related death statistic in this country shows that people’s access to guns make it easier to commit crimes. Period. Arming more people is NOT the answer. Concealed/carry laws would help to slow gun crime but it would eventually explode. And for those that say “They’d just find another way to kill people”…more power to you. Stabbing someone to death takes a lot more guts. Guns are a coward’s way out. Guns are what scared people use to commit crimes and to feel powerful. Stabbing them, running them over with a car, smashing them with a hammer…way more deliberate than just pulling a trigger from 100 feet. Plus who’s going to get away with stabbing 27 people before someone intervenes. Make it HARDER for them. Not easier. That’s the point.

If you disagree with me, I’m sorry but IMO, you’re dead wrong. Do you know that the framers never intended the Bill of Rights to be written in stone? They are amendments…they themselves can be changed. They wanted this system of government to evolve…that’s why they included the measure to create amendments (and their repeal). The wording of the 2nd Amendment in and of itself suggests it was made for the times it was written in, not today.

And I’m really sick and tired of the far right’s concept of religious political leaders. Do you want political leaders to show high morals and represent the best of our society whenever possible? Sure. But we as Christians in this country need to stop the thinking that we have a monopoly on high moral character. Firm moral guidance and religious guidance are not connected. You don’t have to be a Christian to show good moral fiber.

So can we please stop propping up guys like Mike Huckabee? He’s got some good ideas, sure, and we could all use some more closeness as a family…but let’s be honest. God doesn’t have to be in our schools…and the fact that we don’t teach religion in our schools isn’t the reason things have gone the way they have. God lives in the hearts of all believers, and the place where true spirituality starts is in the home. If you’re not bringing up your children to honor God, then that’s on you as a parent.

To me, it’s lazy parenting. If you want your children to be of high moral fiber, it starts and ends with you as the parents to teach them that. It’s not the school’s place. And it’s not the pastor’s place to instill that in your children. The pastor’s job is to lead and provide wisdom and encouragement and lead worship. But if you’re counting on your child to absorb high moral character by osmosis, and simply attending church, you’re sorely mistaken.

Be active in your children’s lives. If you see they have mental issues, get them checked out. Don’t wait until they’re a self-absorbed 20 year old, completely detached from reality, before doing something about it.  Remember…a child is not a problem in a home, a child is a product of the home.

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