Why The GOP Lost (and what they can do to get it back)

From Kurt Eichenwald, a best-selling author and editor of Vanity Fair…condensed tweets into a list for your viewing pleasure.

Too many GOPers are blaming their Tuesday drubbing on the voters, which is like Henry Ford blaming the Edsel debacle on car buyers. Wake up, guys. For past year, I’ve pushed GOPers to return to reality. For that, I was attacked as a wild-eyed lib. Now, let’s try again with 20 truisms:
1. As I’ve said, Romney was the worst candidate ever. Now, GOP heavyweights agree. Pointing out the flaws before the election is smarter.
2. You can’t win by hiding your policies. Ryan, Santorum, even Cain, stood for something. Mitt did not. Americans want principles, not flip-flops.
3. Elections are won by winning votes, not by convincing yourself of BS from inside a bubble. You can’t govern or win by self-reinforced fiction.
4. Minority voters are just as American as white voters. You lost votes, not minorities. Ignore those votes at your future peril.
5. The “America of your father” isn’t gone, as Fox commentator said. It’s matured and forever changed. Holding on to the past means defeat.
6. Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin etc. are deluding you as part of a business model that earns them money. They are fools leading you the wrong way.
7. The tea party will destroy the GOP. I repeat, the tea party will destroy the GOP.
8. You can’t win the nomination by spewing tea party nonsense, then try to take it back in general election.
9. Obama really is President, was really born in the US, and really does love America. Treat him with the respect he and the office deserve.
10. People who disagree with certain GOP policies do not hate America. They just think you’re wrong.
11. There are no “real Americans.” Only Americans. And the majority of them voted against you.
12. Billionaires cannot buy an election. Voters aren’t fools. Their endless yelling through ads drowns out their message.
13. Lies and fantasies are not real. If you don’t deal from truth (polls, job #s, facts, science), you will lose.
14. There was no Obama spending spree. Saying so doesn’t make it so. http://articles.marketwatch.com/2012-05-22/commentary/31802270_1_spending-federal-budget-drunken-sailor
15. Gas prices are now where they were before the economy collapsed in 2008. Economic collapse, because it cuts demand, cuts gas prices.
16. Domestic drilling rigs quadrupled during Obama. http://www.chron.com/business/article/U-S-oil-gusher-blows-out-projections-3341919.php?cmpid=twitter
17. Tax cuts aren’t revenue neutral. They decrease revenues. Did so during Reagan & Bush. Increases under Clinton raised revenues. Its math.
18. Tax cuts for wealthy don’t always grow the economy, no matter how many times Senate GOPers kill government studies proving that.
19. If you care about deficits and debts, both taxes and spending have to be adjusted.
20. America is not a Christian nation, nor should it be governed by religion. The Founding Fathers opposed religious government.
21. And one more: Someone who points out the flaws in the GOP – or in its policies — shouldn’t be called names just for popping the info bubble.

Sigh. A friend of mine knew there were more truisms I’ve written that I left out and asked me to write them. So…

22. Obamacare is not a takeover of healthcare. It is a program adopted using conservative’s proposals from the past.
23. It is not conservative to say that irresponsible people who don’t buy insurance should bill the rest of us for their care.
24. There are no death panels. And doctors should be paid for end-of-life counseling, which helps make sure patients die with dignity.
25. Just because Obama proposes a Republican idea — such as market based cap and trade — doesn’t mean the GOP should call it communism.
26. The terrorists in Benghazi are the enemy, not the President. And GOP lies contradicted by military and CIA does not a scandal make.
27. Politicizing a tragedy by immediately making it a campaign issue is obscene and underserving of the GOP.
28. This country NEEDS two parties. The GOP has been a party of important ideas in the past. Tantrum-esque obstructionism is not governing.
29. The US was bleeding jobs at a horrible rate in 2008. That slowed in 1st six months of 2009. We have had job growth every month since then.
30. Recovering from a financial disaster at a modest rate is not a sign of an economic failure.
31. You cannot obstruct the majority of a president’s policies, and then say those same policies are the cause of problems.

One more to address commenters. Other people are not immoral simply because they disagree with what you think. Nor is government. One more: you can’t say over 300 Electoral College votes would be a landslide when you thought Romney would win, then call it a squeaker when Obama did.

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