So…now what?

Billions of dollars spent, volatile words exchanged, reputations ruined. Friendships damaged, strained, lost.

Stances held, ground not given. No slack on the rope. No give in your arguments. Voices raised and temper tantrums thrown.

And in the end, we’re in the exact same spot we were 2 years ago when the midterm elections happened. The Republican party controls the majority of the US House of Representatives. The Democratic party controls the US Senate and the Oval Office.

And what do we have to show for this time? Have we grown together as a people? I would say this could go down in history as the single most divisive election season ever based on one incontrovertible reason: social media.

The thing that makes social media so great, it’s ability to give us all a platform to speak our minds, was the exact thing that caused us to lose our minds, on both sides of the aisle.

So…from here, to where now do we go?

We could keep on keeping on with the same rhetoric, sure. That wouldn’t be too hard, because for some of us, it’s become our entire reason for participating in the social media landscape. It’s now the new cause to champion, the new reason for being.

We could keep pointing fingers and blame, we could keep saying that there’s no way that President Obama can lead this country and that slowly but surely we are going to slide into an irreversible hole that will forever damage our great nation.

You can point to things you know little to nothing about…you can point to your own experiences, or the experiences of family members.  You can point to the Bible, or Christianity as a whole.  You can rely on the pundits to fuel your fire, because many of them (again on both sides) are likely to not stem the tide of their rhetoric any time soon.

I have a simple suggestion. Don’t.

Don’t buy into it.  Stop subscribing to the same old tired ideas.  Begin to think for yourself, stop relying on what someone else tells you to believe.  Have a party to celebrate your life and the blessings you enjoy, no matter how big or how small.

Get back to realizing what it is you love about your life.  Pray every day.  Ask God for forgiveness.  Remember others who are less fortunate and help your fellow man.  Get out of the entryway of God’s house that he has prepared for you and get to enjoying all of what He has given you.

Stop being angry.  Let it go.  Spread love.  Have faith.  Receive the righteousness that only God can give you.  Be a blessing to someone who needs it.  Help.  Give.  Pray.  Live.

Do this. Today. And every day.

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