I’ve spent the last few weeks watching as the Presidential debates have been creating all new discussion on social media, and the discussion has made me sick.

Most of it is not productive, healthy discussion but rather vitriol flown towards the President of the United States based on some of the most insignificant things.  People that I consider thoughtful, honest and good people…spewing all this hate towards our President (they would say he’s not THEIR President though).

I’m sick of it.  Why don’t my Republican friends speak to their candidate more?  Is it because they don’t know his positions on issues?  Is it because they don’t understand them?  Is it because it’s just more fun to make up names for Obama (OB One?) or what?

Most of my Republican friends on Facebook have spent an inordinate amount of time spewing vitriol instead of championing their own candidate.  I have to think there’s a reason behind it.  I’m starting to think the GOP could’ve run out the upright corpse of Strom Thurmond and you’d vote for him. Anybody but Obama, right?

In last night’s debate, it took the moderator to call Romney out on his own spewing, when he complained that Obama was leveling charges against Romney and he wanted a chance to respond, the moderator said, “Well Governor, you’ve been leveling a lot of charges at him as well”, to which Romney laughed coyly and said “You know Bob I’m sure you’re right.”

Romney doesn’t like being called out on the facts and the facts are that he’s changed positions on so many things, it’s kind of hard to know where exactly he does stand.  Maybe that’s it…maybe that’s why Republicans on my Facebook can’t seem to find an idea to champion from Romney, because they don’t know!

I don’t know what it is, but I am tired of it all.  I’m saddened by the lack of actual discussion, it’s baiting, pure and simple. And I’ve done a pretty good job of staying above the fray.  Yes, I have ventured into the waters of partisanism once or twice this election season, but after today, I’m done.

I’m taking a break from Facebook. One month starting today, I’m hanging the Out of Office sign on the door and taking a hike.  I won’t be surprised if there are some of you out there that call me a chicken or what-not…I don’t really care. I care about you though, and because I do, here’s who I’m voting for on November 6th and why.

I’m voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because they share many of the same beliefs that I do. I believe in gender equality, and that women should get paid as much as men doing the same jobs.  I believe that the government can be a place where all people come together to do good.  I believe that it shouldn’t matter who you love if you want to serve in our nation’s military.  I believe that access to good quality healthcare is a right of all Americans.  I believe the top 1% of wage earners in this country can and should do a little more to help our country out of this economic mess and if I was in the top 1%, I’d be more than happy to participate in this.

I believe one of the hardest things to do is decide who gets entitlements and when they get them.  So make sure the programs work…they don’t always work, but they can’t simply go away.  I believe in a woman’s right to choose which doesn’t mean I’m pro-abortion.  I believe that while government doesn’t create jobs, they certainly can create an atmosphere that encourages businesses of all sizes to hire more workers, and that is happening right now.  I believe that someone who understands our interests overseas isn’t about showing American strength all the time but being able to admit that sometimes we don’t make the best decisions in the world is okay.  To me, strength isn’t about being right all the time but being able to admit when you’re wrong.

To the people that take the time to actually read this, thank you. Even if you’ve spent a good deal of the last few months trashing the name and position of our President…I thank you for reading.  You are who I’m writing this to.  You don’t agree with me?  Great…but I’m not going to spend any more time in this election cycle being brought down by the bickering.

Stand up for your candidate, whoever they are.  Believe in their message.  Champion their views.  Don’t spend the next two weeks slandering the character of someone you do not know.

I’m Matt McLean, and I approved this message.

8 thoughts on “Mattie…out!

  1. I thought a bit before deciding to reply to this, but then realized you need to know that someone, on the other side of the voting spectrum so to speak, has chosen not to participate in political vitriol. I am as sick of it as you are. I am not one that likes to debate, but I do have strong convictions. Because I made the decision how I was going to vote a while back, I have not watched any of the debates. I have just chosen to live my life. You have my admiration for putting your reasons out there. I hope you have a nice break from Facebook.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Alisa. I hear where you’re coming from and maybe since my mind was made up before the debates, I could’ve steered clear of them myself. But that would’ve have spared me the vitriol coming from my Facebook folks spewing it like so many locusts.

  2. Matt, I applaud your blog and proud as hell that you stand up for the candidate of your choice. If you have noticed, I post funny things but I refuse to talk politics. I have heard some people call Romney the great white hope…..Really! Personally, I have issues with both candidates. However, the problem is as you state….people have to pick a side, then do the research – do the math, remove the bias and assumptions and then vote on the facts. Unfortunately, the world is build on bias and assumptions. Take care of yourself, my friend and I hope to hear from you again in a month. ~~~~~ Nancy Beth

    • Thanks Beth. I’ve always appreciated your thoughts and opinions on the matter. You’ve always been open-minded and thoughtful, and continue to be someone who’s opinion I value. We’ll talk soon.

    • Never did say this, but you know I got nothing but love for you, bro. But you’re better than what you’ve posted these last few weeks.

  3. I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been showing up in my feed lately. While I applaud your efforts to stay out of the fray, I want to point out that Democrats are just as guilty of the things you accuse Republicans of. And I say that as a non-Republican who isn’t voting Republican – outside of a local race or two, where my votes will be spread across Dems Repubs and independents alike.

    • I can only speak to the Democrats that I am either friends with or follow on Twitter, and for the most part, anything coming from them as been in direct opposition to something coming from either a Republican or Romney’s camp. That said, you’re 100% true that the vitriol is being spewed from all directions. Thanks for your reply.

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