Thinking now I must get LOTRO patched up and get in-game…nice post by Syp here.

Bio Break

As I’ve mentioned a few places elsewhere (particularly on podcasts), I’ve been on an incredibly strong LOTRO gaming streak the past few weeks.  Maybe you know how it is: When you just get so into a game, even an older game, that it’s the only thing you want to log into and play.  It’s excitement and a second wind and pure relaxation all rolled into one.  And no, I’m not quite sure why it happened, but I’m riding this wave for all it’s worth.

I think part of it is that I’m at two exciting points with my two primary characters.  My level 19 Warden is still chasing deeds (now in Bree-land) and on the cusp of getting my very first Undying title in the game (which you just know I’m going to blow).  She looks awesome — pictures forthcoming — and the class is so dang challenging to master…

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