Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Recap (ALL THE SHINY THINGS)

First off, let me go on record as saying the screenshots below are just for funsies, and all credit goes to ArenaNet and the Guild Wars 2 website for them.  I was so busy getting in my playtime this weekend that I neglected to take screenshots myself of the action.

So…Guild Wars 2! Giddy up time…the pre-order having been secured on the first day it was available (early April), I was excited to get the game installed and jump in headfirst with the first of what I can only hope are regularly scheduled Beta Weekend Events.  I started out by making a Norn warrior, but having only gotten access through my laptop, I only played around briefly in the character creation area before jumping in.

Later that night (Friday), I created a Human Ranger, and spent more time in the creation phase.  I have to say, great options during character creation…lots of skin types, and plenty of customization options. I got settled into the game and immediately was thrown into the mix, helping a village thwart an attack by centaurs.

After assisting the village, I move onto Divinity’s Reach and the rest of Queensland.  Outstanding quest areas here and great things to get you involved right away.  I never got past level 9 in my journey this weekend (my time online was sparse at best), but I’m liking several things this game has to offer so far.

Simple UI: The UI has been simplified to the point of almost craziness…there are 5 action buttons for combat (oddly enough buttons 1-5) and Button 6 is your healing skill (which as you earn points can become better/different types of healing skills). I was able to activate one special skill button (on 7, it was some type of blessing skill that providing a boost to my power I think).  Your health is represented by a large red ball in the center of the UI, which empties as you take damage.  There are also some visual effects that take place on the outer border of your window which gives you some indication of damage received.

There’s also a very cool thing they’ve implemented which is called a “rally”. From what I can tell, as you get knocked down (and in most cases defeated), you get to “rally” by pressing a series of buttons to fight your way to your feet, then if you’re quick enough, you can spring a healing spell on yourself and keep on fighting.

The map and quest information is all pretty standard, although I will say the map of Divinity’s Reach is really cool and man, this is a big game.

Simple Combat: It can’t be overstated enough…some games have really thrown too many skills at you, and too many different options with which to spec out your characters…Guild Wars 2 looks to change that. Your skills are based on the weapons you equip, and as you complete the use of each skills, additional skills open themselves up to you. This makes combat a lot easier and you can focus more on the group you’re in and making sure you’re pulling your weight versus making sure you do the right combination of button-mashing.

One thing I noticed right away were the similarities in graphic style to Dragon Age 2, especially the brushed artwork used in cut scenes and map area zoning.  I’m not opposed to this at all, but the similarities were striking. I also think they are taking some things from games like Rift and using them well.  In the game, you will be running along and suddenly, you will get a message that states “New Event Nearby”, and on your map, you can find it relatively easy with a bronze looking shield.  Once in the area, the quest objectives (in their current state) will show, and you (and others) can begin working on completing the objectives.  As you do, there are different levels of completion (I believe the ones I saw were gold, silver and bronze), based on when you come in and how much you contribute to the overall success of the event’s closure.

This is not at all dissimilar to the “rifts” within the game Rift, and it’s a nice way to make the game feel much more “alive” than some other MMOs which are quest-driven to the point of feeling like you’re soloing everything in the world.

It definitely seems like games like Rift and Guild Wars 2 are taking MMO to literally mean many players participating together in the world events in order to enact the storylines.  And this is a good thing.

I will say that it seems to me the quests themselves were a bit inconsistent in that some of them were really, really easy to accomplish (even solo) and others were much more difficult. And it seems their version of “class” quests were a bit all over the place (with the Ranger anyway). I know that I have barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer, but I think a bit more consistency in how the quests are handed out would help a lot.

They did throw in some unpredictability as well, which I guess is kind of what they are going for there…it helps make the game feel fresh and not re-used from the same formulas other games have done.

Graphically, the game world is just huge and it’s beautiful. They make traveling around very simple with unlocking locations as you discover them (you already “know” a few locations when you get into the game). The good loot was coming from drops and quest rewards…there’s also something called “karma” (I believe) which you build up as you complete quest chains in certain areas.  You can spend your karma for some nicer gear or trinkets that give you buffs.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how polished the game looks two months from current release…and I can definitely see this game occupying a lot of my time this summer.

One thought on “Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event Recap (ALL THE SHINY THINGS)

  1. I had a little difficulty with the downed state, actually. At that point in frenzied combat, I never took the time to figure out what my downed abilities were and never recovered from a single one. Oddly, when you die, not only does your armor break, but if nobody is around to revive you you have to pay to teleport to a nearby location. Dieing, then, can end up really costing you, especially if you’re alone.

    However, I completely agree with you… I can see this game taking up a LOT of my gaming time. Its not perfect, but it IS awesome. 🙂

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