Some Thoughts on SWTOR

The mega-patch update to Star Wars: The Old Republic (henceforth stated as SWTOR for ease of use), Update 1.2, went live yesterday, and I was able to get in-game yesterday and play around with the changes.

Most notably for me and my Bounty Hunter, I could tell pretty quickly that they had adjusted the “Tracer Missile” exploit. Well, I wouldn’t really call it an exploit, but the given mode of attack for most mercs had been Tracer Missile over and over…and with the damage changes, you really can’t do that as effectively as you could before.

One thing I noticed right away were the animation changes for Fusion Missile and Tracer Missile have been swapped, and I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s fine. And the UI changes are nice…I played with the customizable UI for probably an hour last night…fun stuff. I think I’ve got a nice setup going forward.

Since I don’t have a toon to level 50 yet or even through with Chapter 2 of their class quests, I’m not seeing the immediate benefits of the Legacy system being full implemented, but looking over what I will have access to in the months to come looks promising.

Apparently the update they ran out there early this morning did some screwing with the data and the game servers are currently down for maintenance. In a nice show of customer loyalty, they are giving all players one free day of game play as a result of today’s unexpected down time.

I got my BH up to level 39 last night and am on the last bit of the main quests on Hoth. I really haven’t done much in the way of crafting, flashpoints, or Heroic quests…I kinda feel like I need to get my guy to 50 as quick as I can then I can work on that stuff with alts and such (and eventually my main).

What are your thoughts on the changes implemented with 1.2?

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