My two-monitor issue (Any help would be greatly appreciated!)

Okay, here’s my issue…I’ve got two monitors, they are not the same size, so whenever I’m playing computer games, I always have the game on my main monitor (the larger one) and the other one just stays the same. When I started playing SWTOR a few months ago, I noticed that I could drag my cursor off the main screen and onto the 2nd monitor screen, whereas before, if I was playing the game in fullscreen mode, I wouldn’t be able to do that (I play all my MMOs in fullscreen mode, including SWTOR).

It isn’t really an issue with SWTOR because the mouse sensitivity is such that I don’t ever wander off the screen, plus the controls are a bit more user-friendly than say a game like Skyrim. I jumped in there last night and noticed it was doing the same thing, and as you know if you play the game, you use a combination of mouse movement and left-clicks to attack in that game. As you might suspect, every time the cursor would wander to the 2nd monitor and I left-clicked, it would minimize the Skyrim play window (even though it was in fullscreen mode) and I would have to ALT-TAB back into the game (oddly enough, I’d have to ALT-TAB not once, but twice to get it to pull back up).

I tried looking at the settings for Skyrim but was unsuccessful at seeing anything there that would help me, so I wanted to bring this to my gaming peeps…is there a solution to my problem that’s I’m overlooking?

As stated in the title, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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