LOTRO – Done for now?

I was able to complete quests around Isengard this weekend and I hit level 75, which is the new cap. Just in time as well because my quests have all but dried out. I was doing the Quickbeam ent quests when I hit level 75, which are one of the last ones before you break into the sewer of Isengard to help take out some of the minions inside (which are repeatable quests).

From there, that’s about all I could do. I had already completed the epic quest line and the side quests. Right now, the quests are all that tie me to LOTRO. I’m not a fan of their raid content. To me, it’s so vastly different than their quest content (in difficulty, strategy, etc.) that I can’t really enjoy it. Besides…the Draigoch raid really is the only one worth doing (for the loot and scales).

I’m not a fan of the skirmishes really…they’re okay, but they seem way too manufactured for my taste. So here I am, stuck with nothing really to do unless I feel like killing the same level 75 baddies around Isengard over and over.

That’s why I was super glad to receive notice last night that the Quick Start program for SWTOR was kicking off next Tuesday (for those that entered their pre-order codes early). I don’t know yet exactly when I will get access, but I was able to get the game installed, so I’ll be ready to rock when the gates open up whenever that is.

I’m very thankful because it seems LOTRO has stagnated again for me. I really enjoy the game and all, but without a quest to push me through, I’m finding things to be quite stale. Here’s hoping SWTOR is all it’s cracked up to be.

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