Isengard Thoughts

Hey, lookie here…a blog post about an MMO game.

I won’t bother posting some long, drawn out excuse as to why I haven’t been posting to this blog…no real reason other than a lack of motivation. Instead, I will regale you with my adventures (such as they are) in the newest expansion for the Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard.

First, a touch of background…after spending my entire LOTRO career on the Landroval server, I found that I had a desire to change up the scenery so to speak, so after researching kinships on Brandywine (another popular server), I decided on moving my main hunter to that server and I joined a kinship called The Last Knights of Gondolin (

I’ve enjoyed their company so far but I have to say, with this latest expansion, more than ever, the devs at Turbine has gone out of their way to make leveling content 100% soloable. I guess that’s good news…I’ve enjoyed the content a lot. I don’t like to be forced to group, so again, I think it’s a good thing…I’m just not 100% sure.

The content has been great so far…the stories are entertaining, there are plenty of instances with great combat sequences, and the mobs are plenty and the areas are lush. Dunland itself is great fun, and once you get past the first few little towns and into the main areas of Dunland, there are plenty of quests and things to keep you busy.

One thing I noticed with the expansion are the number of nodes for mining and harvesting wood. They are everywhere! The devs have gone out of their way to make gathering resources a LOT easier and speaking as a Westfold Master Prospector, I appreciate their efforts.

Also, it seems like they’ve adjusted the legendary XP amounts from mobs and quests, as I’ve already maxed out one legendary weapon and nearly done with my bow as well. I can see now why people level more than 2 legendary weapons at once.

I’m currently up to level 70 in-game and enjoying the heck out of the Barnavon quests. I’m about to head into the mines and kill some bugan, so look for me on Brandywine (Givias) if you see me.

One thought on “Isengard Thoughts

  1. Rhi-Helvarch thingies are not that plentiful and take some effort to find, even for Explorers who can harvest wood and ore. But that’s good, they are not needed that often and the old Mithril scales became too plentiful and worthless very soon.

    I nevertheless miss some of the roaming bosses that were so plentiful in Enedwaith, loot actually doesn’t matter that much to me in this regard.

    It seems you like the updates to your Hunter and the game. Itemization and incentives to do 12 player skirmishes have improved. It seems to me that the instances released between Enedwaith and Isengard were actually supposed to be part of this package. That’s my only complaint, no new skirmishes and instances. But AFAIK they are already paid for with the Isengard order, unless you bought RoI for points. The future looks good. I expect some nerfage to Champs.

    Let’s dream that servers will one day united in a one-server-model, then I could show you how to clear a cave full of odd hobbit-faced goblins making strange noises! 🙂

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