What Dragon Age Might Look Like As An MMO (Part Two)

…or Where The Hell Are We Starting This Thing At?!

So having decided what the races and classes will be for this game, it’s time now to look at the storyline.  The first two games (Origins and II) fall fairly close together, although the span of the second game is long (some years).  So I would propose that it would be best from a lore standpoint to have the MMO start sometime after the Champion’s rise to power, but sometime before the fall of Kirkwall.  I think the first thing to do on this post would be to pick the starting areas for each race.

Human – Denerim
The capital city in Ferelden, and to me, it makes the most sense as the starting area for the human race.

Dwarf – Orzammar
Again, the last city in the Dwarven empire, it makes the most sense that any dwarf start his journey here.

Elf – City in Brecilian Forest (TBD)
The Elves are mostly nomadic in nature, surviving in the wilds and in poor districts in the larger cities.  To keep the population down in the starter cities, I say create a town or city in the forest for the Elves to begin their journey.

Darkspawn – Dragonbone Wastes
Create a city-like atmosphere here, and let the storyline be that the Darkspawn that survived with the Architect put their roots down in this area of the world.

Qunari – Par Vollen
Pretty easy here…this is the homeland of the Qunari, and as yet, has not been ‘revealed’ in any Dragon Age game.  Probably makes this race one of the more desirable ones to play.

So now that we have the starting areas covered, let’s talk about game play.  Clearly, as an MMO, each class would have a set of skills they could ‘purchase’ as they level up.  Each starting area would have it’s own bevy of merchants, skill trainers, etc.  PvP would be by player-decision only (by flag), and there would also be PvP-only areas (undiscovered areas of the Deep Roads come to mind here).  I think there would need to be crafting (armor, weapons, etc.) as well as things like herbology and the like for those interested in that.  You could be a cook as well.

The cool thing about games like Rift are the “live events” that take place randomly throughout the game.  I think this could be accomplished in this game with raids done by either side to the other’s home cities, as well as skirmishes in the game map.

I’ll pick this up with Part Three, talking about Grey Wardens and how they fit into the mix.

2 thoughts on “What Dragon Age Might Look Like As An MMO (Part Two)

  1. The bigger questions not being answered yet…


    This is the bane of ALL MMO’s and if you can find a way to write up some new ways to play and make DA:Online unique…then yes, you could have a winner…

    No one wants DA:WoW

  2. I’m not so sure…I think what most of the successful MMO’s do is take a little from each of the successful games (like WoW, LOTRO, EQ, and now Rift) to create their own experience. I don’t think you can incorporate the current mechanics of Dragon Age for combat (as it’s not set up like an MMO at all), but I will address this in a future post, as I’m still trying to work this out.

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